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Reecard Farché, Multi instrumentalist, instrument builder, film maker, Sculptor and singular member of Anklepants the creature Born in 2008 but producing music in other forms for over a decade beforehand, has steadily released over 20 singles, EPs and full-length albums on various labels worldwide.Residing and touring in Europe for nearly a decade with performances in over 20 countries and recently completing his 3rd Headlining national U.S.A tour found Reecard Farché billed alongside Artists such as Aphex twin and Björk.His distinctive facé_and_sound rose to notoriety through his notorious Boiler Room set, June 2014 in Berlin. Anklepants live habitat relies on Heavily engineered self built electronic instruments and software completely unique to his species, Working in coding environments such as MaxMsp, Reecard Farché creates input devices to allow him to work amidst an Augmented reality, turning the space around him into a multi dimensional instrument with over 50 simultaneous floating and boolean inputs from the entire body to drive effect modulations trigger and arrange as-well as driving animatronic and led feedback the newest additions completed September 2016 are facé_control_5 microphone and facé_control_suit, Both input controllers work together to create a large physical input_feedback instrument. Live, Reecard Farché strives to sew shut the holes in the dimensional tear, using face_control_5, Reecard Farchés contorted body movements to dodge and weave its way around the dimensional beings, wandering deep beyond übergründé enemy lines remove these lower dimensional spirits clogging up the expansive areas of this dimension. This housekeeping more often than not leaves audiences bewildered, unaware of what they have been witness to_ part of. One of the rare creatures that actively take connecting with his audience to heartandmind, Anklepants can often be seen hustling around the venue draped in facé_control_suit carrying facé_control_5 wireless mic, Removing deposits between audience members. Within his recorded works, a large range of self built Software, electronic and acoustic instruments are used, generated_synthesised, sampled sounds and field recordings. In newer works, Eastern European influence, new electro-acoustic instrumentation, microtonal / just and alternate tunings and transcribed animal communications.
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