The Winstons

Showcase Album “Smith” Availability: Summer 2019


The Winstons Smith Summer Tour 2019

1 Maggio: UnoMaggioTaranto – Taranto

25 Maggio: Jazz is Dead! Festival 2019 – Torino

2 Giugno: Summer Student Festival (Je t’aime) – Padova

3 Giugno: Biografilm Park 2019  – Bologna

14 giugno: Cave Sonore • Music Festival – Vittorio Veneto

21 Giugno: Festa della Musica 2019 – Colle Val D’Elsa

22 Giugno: Villa Ada Roma Incontra Il Mondo Roma

29 Giugno: Mosaico Festival per Porte Aperte Festival Festival – Cremona

5 Luglio: Young ‘n Town Festival/Edoné Bergamo

12 Luglio: Basse Frequenze #3 – The Winstons & Boars – Cuneo

17 Luglio: Pecci Summer Live 2019 – Prato

20 Luglio: Riviera Jazz & Blues – Albissola Marina (SV)

26 Luglio: Clear Mountains Festival 2019 – Montichiari

17 Agosto: Sagra del Diavolo – Salento

24 Agosto: Disorder. – Festival Indipendente / 19 – 25 Agosto | Eboli (SA)


Available on request

The Winstons

Is a power trio, bass, drums, keyboards devoted to psichedelia and the ancestral human cult of anarchy.
Their grand temples are not far from the ones on planet Gong, visible over the horizon behind the ruins of old Canterbury the grave of Hugh (Hopper) to the right and Kevin (Ayers) to the left.
They navigate over the smoky marshes of prog music. fearless of its dirt and its roots still feeding from where it all came from: Rock’n’roll. It’s a human style (who cares?).
It’s Britannic as much as Hugo Pratt is asian or Morricone Texan’s. The three pillars that hold up the structure are actually one from the north, one from the centre and one from the south of our clumsy italian peninsula, though they sound from a disppeared ALBION.
They live the same city that holds a name with many faces and sounds that we’ll avoid to mention, it doesent matter really.
You only need to know that the tall one is called Rob Winston, the moustached one il Linnon Winston and the strange one is Enro Winston.
They used to meet up only to go and get cigarettes, they were already a band we realise now, spiritually already perfect.

Their debut album will be released in January 2016 on vinyle and compact discs
on Matthias Scheller’s

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