BARBEROS are a progressive electronic / noise trio from Liverpool UK. Recorded in Lithuania, this album on the italian label Offset Records and Dream Machine (uk), exemplifies how they communicate their poly-rhythmic, tribal, math-jazz-core with their line up of two drummers, synthesizers and effected vocals. Barberos’ members have over the years been involved in Stig Noise, a.P.A.t.T., Stealing Sheep and Union Jacques.

They have have shared the stage with the likes of Charles Hayward (This Heat), Battles, Melt Banana, Kayo Dot, Dalek, Tim Exile, Liars, Capillary Action, PoiL, Action Beat and Ruins Alone

The Mysterious Prog Avant Experiencial Sound Beat band BARBEROS are hosting a unique night of 50 Shades of Pink – Barberos Spandex Party at the Music and Dance at this year’s Liverpool Music Week for the Album preview

BARBEROS —> full album show with sexy collaborations with friends and family such as CHARLES HAYWARD / ZOMBINA / ALL WE ARE / STEALING SHEEP / ISOCORE / BIG EFFIGY / and MORE on the italian label Offset Records and The Dream Machine (uk)

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