Micropupazzo is 1785 invention by Karll Mikkröpüpaato from Kreikeris that claims to show over-unity energy – a route to purported perpetual motion. In Micropupazzo, a steel ball is pulled up a ramp by magnetism and then falls, so the magnetic energy is converted into kinetic energy. Mikkröpüpaato claims that an effect called regauging then happens, allowing the process to be repeated without the application of outside energy.

SELECTED DISCOGRAPHYPHY ep di quasi venti canzoni – 2002 (cybernella records) P.E. EP – 2003 (cybernella records) Zatsu Ongaku ( A.A.VV , here with the track MPZ) 2004-( VVM test recording) Enter The Wotan Clan – 2004 (selvaelettrica) : net release Superselecta abbuffet -(A.A.VV , here with the track Roctamia) 2005 – (radio dd) Sanitar Magenta Unactivity Book – 2006 ( retinascan) The Koln concert : live at camouflage -2006 (vvm test recording):net release Bit Beat -( A.A. VV, here with the track Christ is Mannaggia) 2007 -(to lose la track) EVENTO-PSYCHICK PONG SOUNDTRACK (a nearly straight 8-bit style videogame score) 2008 (propaganda records) SPLIT w Splinter Vs Stalin 2008 (propaganda records) RADIO EDIT SINGLES The hit single/Macropaparazzo -2004 (radio dd) Tanz Bambolina -2004 (radio dd) Ammazzasette -2005 (radio dd) Acid crexi -2005 (radio dd) Tante Piselle aka Tante Piselline (radio dd)-2005 Banhof Boy (radio dd)-2005 chip and chop (myspace edit)-2005 Apoteke Diskoteke – 2007 (radio dd) Mongopupazzo – 2008 ( microrevenge comp/nakednoises netlabel) MISSING live at casetta (2002) the ultracollection (TBA)

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