“La Foresta has pushed percussion music back into the realm of speculative improvisation”
Philip Clark, THE WIRE



Riccardo La Foresta is a percussionist and sound artist from Modena (Italy) whose research of the last years wants to question the role of the drum as a percussive instrument. Resonances and vibrations generated treating the drum as an aerophone, create acoustic drones, ancestral melodies and complex beats that drastically distance the instrument from traditional drumming. The ongoing process of his research is focused on the development of a system called Drummophone.
His sound performance is a hybrid act between the fields of sound art, improvisation, acousmatic music and drone music.

La Foresta’s been intensely touring Europe playing experimental music, free jazz and composed music and presenting sound installations in some of the most important festivals for avant-garde music such as Unsound, Terraforma, Sonica, OSA, Skanu Mesz, Sacrum Profanum, Pochen Biennale, AngelicA Festival, Path Festival, Tempo Reale, Milano Musica, La Digestion, Musica Sanae among others.

This is the new set developed in 2020, acousmatic drumming / drone music
Playing drums without playing drums, latest Drummophone evolution

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